CHZ portable Photo Booth

CHZ portable booth

You rent one for Prom, you rent one for the Spring Fling, you need one at Homecoming so why are you still throwing money away? For the cost of renting a photo booth for these 3 events, you could own a CHZ portable photo booth. Don’t have an event coming up anytime soon, no worries. There is NO monthly fee. Why worry about having a stranger come set up a cumbersome photo booth when you can just put someone from home ec in charge.

Feature Packed but Focused

While our booth is capable of running the next mission to Mars, it specifically runs your prom or dance funtcioin flawlessly.  When using a printer, you have complete control over the printed layouts, giving you complete customization capability.  

Students and teachers alike can email the pictures live from the booth, or you can turn that feature off and send the pics straight to a shared folder.

touchscreen keyboard

Buy the Best

Not only is the CHZ portable photo booth the lowest priced full powered booth on the market, it runs on Windows 10. Not using the booth? Stick it in the coding classroom and have students experiment with facial recognition! Equipped with a dual core processor and solid state drive, the possibilities are endless.