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Carl and Gerald Tautenhahn

Carl and Gerald are identical twin brothers from Texas. Prior to founding Photo Booth Options, they have more than 20 years of hands-on entrepreneurial experience. Carl and Gerald are both founders of Third Coast Construction, Inc. and have owned and sold several small businesses, including a Long Beach, CA based Duck Boat tourism company that was acquired in 2011. At 21 years old, their Texas based concrete company achieved nearly $2M in revenues. They both are also successful mass media commercial actors appearing in many local and national advertising campaigns. Both were born and raised in Houston, Texas and have been residing in their Southern California home town of Newport Beach for the past fifteen years where they enjoy dirt biking in the desert and catching blue fin tuna when the water is right.


what is photo booth options about ?

Photo Booth Options provides high-quality custom photo booths for stadiums, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, bakerys, and ice creams shops to name a few. We have full size photo booths in 23 states and still growing.

Over the last couple of years we’ve noticed the rental market is way too confusing for the entrepreneur looking to buy their first or even 10th portable photo booth. We have set out to solve this problem and have come up with the only reasonably priced Complete Portable Photo Booth available today!